The summer heat is leaving my country at last and temperatures have gone down to 25ish °C/80ish °F—just the way I like it! The July/early August unbearable heat, which reached peaks of 36ish °C/100ish °F took its toll on me, especially on my productivity. It was too hot for my brain to work, and sitting in front of a computer equaled sitting in a sauna, so the whole month passed without many results – both in the writing and marketing department.

Now that temperatures are down and I can finally breathe again, I’ve decided to come back from my forced summer hibernation with a giveaway, and I’ve put together a swag pack with a special handmade gift especially for subscribers.

Since the weather has been adorably rainy and pleasantly cool these days, I also had the chance to rediscover one of my hobbies (jewelry making) and I created a special pair of angel earrings to celebrate Saved By An Angel. How do you like it?

swag set

To be entered in the raffle to win this swag set (which includes magnet, pen, postcard calendar and this exclusive pair of angel earrings) all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter—which I only send out when I have something really important to say (no spam, I promise!). Click on the Rafflecopter logo below and use the sign up link you’ll find there.

If you’re already a subscriber, that’s great, thank you! Enter your e-mail address in the Rafflecopter and voilà! You’ll get access to more options to enter the giveaway which equal more chances to be the winner. 🙂

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Sharing is caring, so please make sure you let your friends know—especially those who like sweet romance. Please share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media you’re active on to help me spread the word (and to up your chances of winning the prize).

I will be back with more news soon. In the meantime, I hope you’re staying cool wherever you are and that you’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer (or winter, depending on where you live).

As always, may the luck of the Irish be with you! 🙂